The challenge for this campaign was to transform the perception of Stanley Knives from ordinary tools to indispensable assets through a captivating product video. The aim was to make utility knives sexy by highlighting fresh blades, a diverse range of materials, and employing a slick voice-over. Despite being
'just knives,' the campaign emphasized their dependability, versatility, and essential role in various jobs. The goal? To reaffirm Stanley Knives as the go-to choice for professionals in need of dependable cutting solutions.
The approach to this campaign was truly global at its core. Eight unique SKUs were captured during the
shoot—some specific to North America, others to European or South American markets. To add complexity, several SKUs were also available globally. This necessitated additional video edits to serve various markets. The messaging remained consistent, the formula unchanged, but the knives varied. Ultimately, this resulted in an increased ROI for the campaign as a whole.
How do you ensure that when shooting eight similar-looking products, you don't encounter a scenario in post-production with conflicting screen directions or two of the same SKUs back-to-back? Detailed storyboards provide clarity, allowing you to distinguish between knives and materials. These storyboards were instrumental in keeping the team organized during production, ensuring that each SKU was captured with the correct material and cutting direction that would make sense in the edit.
The photography team enjoyed the opportunity to work on this project, particularly because the studio setting allowed them complete control over the lighting. This meticulous attention to detail was especially beneficial for the macro shots of each knife, yielding incredibly satisfying results. 
This campaign produced an exceptionally engaging series of social media ads that showcased Stanley Knives in action, effortlessly handling a variety of materials with fresh blades and precise cuts. End users were captivated by the close-up visuals of clean, satisfying cuts, demonstrating the knives' versatility and dependability across different job sites. The focus on the knives' effectiveness in completing tasks, from simple to complex, resonated well with end users, highlighting the indispensable nature of these tools in their professional toolkit.
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