On the job site, it's not uncommon to send the new apprentice shopping for non-conductive cardboard or a box of grid squares. But when it comes to getting the job done right, general contractors are all business. They depend on IRWIN® Strait-Line™ layout and marking tools for superior performance where it counts. New Strait-Line™ tape measures and chalk reels get straight to the point with the accuracy needed for peak efficiency and solid footings.

This campaign aimed to showcase that IRWIN provides innovation where it matters the most; offering a comprehensive range of world-class tools that excel in delivering superior performance – across all aspects of measuring and layout.
For this campaign, a diverse array of video assets was curated. The primary focus was on storytelling, with the Hero Story serving as the cornerstone from which all other narratives were crafted. Ultimately, a Hero Story, Brand Story, and two Product Stories—one dedicated to the chalk reel and another to the tape measure —were produced. These assets were meticulously tailored in a range of aspect ratios to seamlessly fit across all media platforms and outlets.
Although the narration ultimately was created from James Ubl's interview the project was scripted and storyboarded in advance for concept sell through and approval.
In addition to the video deliverables, application and beauty photography was captured during the shoot. These assets formed the foundation for the campaign's advertisements, utilized across both paid and organic media.
None of this would have been green lit without initial development of the creative concept, gathering insights to ensure resonance with the end user, collaborating with industry experts to ensure authenticity, and successfully selling through the Big Idea. 
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