This testimonial film will present the experiences of a life long woodworker and how the new 20V Woodworking Tools are improving the way he works. We will highlight the features, ease of use, and the compatibility with the expansive 20V cordless platform.
Set in a large wood shop, the film will follow our end user, Brian, throughout a work day. Arriving at the shop around 7:00AM, Brian opens the large bay doors and then begins his work. We will highlight the end user using the Jigsaw to cut ‘foot kicks’, the ROS to sand all pieces, and the Router to create the doors for cabinets. Finally, we will show the finished product. Throughout the video, there will be a voice over from Brian as he tells his story – how he got into wood working, the work he produces, why he made the switch to DEWALT 20V Woodworking tools, what he likes about the tools, and how they are changing the way he works after decades of professional experience in the woodworking industry.
This testimonial should leave the viewer feeling inspired to use DEWALT Woodworking Tools to build their own story.
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