Pride isn't something bought; it's earned over time through hard work, dedication, and consistency. It manifests in various forms—whether it's renovating a house, maintaining a perfect lawn, keeping an old truck on the road, or building from scratch. Pride doesn't hit the snooze button; it understands that it's a marathon, not a sprint. It recognizes the importance of passing along the lessons learned to the next generation to ignite the flame in them to take pride in their work.
When CRAFTSMAN wanted to develop a campaign centered around taking pride in all aspects of life, it quickly became apparent during the ideation phase that this would be a storytelling-based spot spanning a lifetime. After all, Pride Isn't Built In A Day.
As an extension of the hero campaign, a series of 15-second product-focused cutdowns were scripted to target a range of end users, including builders, mechanics, and restoration specialists.
Storyboards were crucial in the pre-production process to visually showcase the passage of time throughout the spot, depicting the aging process of the father and daughter.
In addition to the video deliverables, a series of photographs were captured for the purpose of creating social media advertisements. Leveraging the campaign pillars of BUILD, REPAIR, RESTORE, MAINTAIN, and THE POWER TO DO IT ALL, these advertisements featured specific new product SKUs to facilitate easy transitions for end-users to purchase the tools needed to complete their own projects.
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