DO MORE: A Tribute to Community Restoration" is a salute to those using the power of CRAFTSMAN to build more than just a house—they're building homes and fostering communities. This campaign shines a light on Coastal Cottage Renovations, a team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to revitalizing historic homes in Lewes, Delaware's coastal region, one restoration at a time, armed with CRAFTSMAN V20 Brushless tools.
This film unfolds two distinct narratives. The first narrative highlights the historical resonance of the CRAFTSMAN brand and its integral role in the restoration of residential homes. The second focuses on showcasing the capabilities of the CRAFTSMAN V20 Brushless tool lineup within the demanding context of residential restoration.
Designed to captivate a broad audience while maintaining the authenticity and aesthetic integrity that CRAFTSMAN is known for, this video campaign leverages meticulous casting, wardrobe choices, cinematography, and storytelling to reinforce the core message: DO MORE with V20 Brushless Tools. The ensuing details outline how this campaign not only aligned with the brand's identity but also tells a compelling story that motivates viewers to DO MORE with CRAFTSMAN.
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