The objective of this campaign was to develop a marketing strategy that effectively conveyed the versatility and convenience of the Cordless Bev 2.0 by BLACK+DECKERâ„¢. Highlighting its unique ability to instantly create bar-quality cocktails with the touch of a button, whether you're relaxing at home, entertaining guests at a dinner party, or enjoying a lively backyard BBQ. The key messaging point was to demonstrate the cordless capability, allowing users to bring their favorite cocktails to any setting, providing the experience of having a personal bartender. This campaign had to resonate with drink enthusiasts across various lifestyle scenarios, positioning the Bev 2.0 as the ultimate solution for effortless and stylish cocktail mixing.
Due to the unique requirements of this campaign, which involved showcasing the product in three distinct locations while operating within a limited budget, it was decided to shoot the project in a studio environment against a virtual reality background wall. This approach enabled the production team to efficiently capture scenes set in a kitchen, on the deck of a cabin in the woods, and under a backyard pergola, all within a single day. A series of shortened videos, in a variety of aspect ratios, was also created to facilitate a more targeted media approach aimed at increasing engagement.
Of course, a robust campaign development and concept pitch process preceded all content capture. This project was particularly enjoyable to work on during the concepting phase due to the utilization of the virtual reality wall, as the possibilities of what could be captured were truly endless.
A photography team also capitalized on the versatility of shooting on the virtual reality wall to capture a series of product and lifestyle images.
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